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Kilter Europe - Brushed Sandstone Jibs Set 7 - KX010

$ 60.00


Brushed sandstone texture jibs. Great for volumes.


Orders received by July 10, 2017 will be included in our first group order and are eligible for 25% off retail. Email us at to place your order.

The first of our sets produced at Composite X in Europe. Available in all countries in Dannomond urethane.

Colors - Colors are currently Dannomond Composite X colors, which will match other Composite X colors. Black matches US-produced Black. Sky Blue, Bright Yellow, and Signal Violet are close enough for some gyms. Email us with color questions.

Sets will be imported from Europe and we are working on a bulk pre-order to save on ship costs. Order will go in mid-July, and will ship to us as soon as it is produced. Once we receive the order we will send the holds out. This is our first import order so we don't have an exact timeline yet.


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